Get real time ANSwer and take quick action - ANSwer App

Real time data capture - Quicker Action

A negative response is reported to the concerned department in real time through a notification. Helps in faster recovery.

Multimode Feedback - Effortless customer listening

Responses can be captured as Text, Image, Audio or V

Comprehensive Reporting

Automated daily, weekly and fortnightly reports coupled with comprehensive MIS helps analyse the performance in an effective manner.

Intuitive Dashboard - Superior Analysis

Well defined views help assess every angle of the business in a critical and objective manner.

About Us

ANSwer App is a strategic platform that helps hospitals engage and interact with patients to address their concerns in real time. With ANSwer App health care providers can track the responsiveness of their staff in addressing patient concerns. Through quick responses and immediate resolutions, patient satisfaction levels are measured.

Hospital Audit – Upgrade you Audit Process

  • Complete Hospital auditing system, perform audit across different departments
  • Fully customised for hospital, generate compliant reports
  • Go Paperless with audits performed on iPhone or Android devices

CLARA - Transform In-patient experience

Save time, money and effort - take In-patient experience to next level with CLARA. Advance features like ORB tracking, QR code scanning, Geo fencing, Speech to text, Real time tracking makes it the right choice.

ARMS - Faster and Smarter

The First — And Most Advanced — iPad EHR

ARMS built the first iPad EHR and is an official Apple Mobility Partner for healthcare.