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Problem: COVID 19

Effective Solution: Social Distancing & Lockdown

  • Elderly and those with certain pre-existing condition more vulnerable than others.
  • Social distancing and lockdown has thrown a different challenge for the elderly people and those with certain pre-existing conditions living alone.
  • It has become difficult for them to go out to the market to procure their groceries, vegetables, medicines and other items of daily needs.
  • It has also become difficult for their well-wishers to know about their health and well-being on a day to day basis.
  • Many societies through their RWA’s and mohalla committees have formed teams of volunteers to help these elderly with their needs.
  • Presenting ANSwer App Community – a tool to help the RWA’s/ volunteers to monitor and help these elderly in their area, with ease.
  • Just map the residents who need help or are vulnerable to volunteers who would take care of them during these difficult times.

ANSwer App allows the RWA’s to add all needy resident into the application. Import all volunteers and map them to residents.

An important platform for all RWA’s to help and monitor their residents, who due to their age or pre-existing conditions cannot  take care of themselves in this difficult time.

Every time the resident inputs his requirements of Daily needs into the application, a message is sent to the concerned volunteer, who can view all the requirements in his dashboard.

  • Multiple residents can be mapped to one volunteer.
  • Residents can be mapped block wise/ Tower wise/ Street wise or Mohalla wise
  • No hassle of creating your questionnaire. Pre-designed questionnaires are available.
  • Can download the report with requirements of all residents.
  • One can also map a community/ nearby grocery store owner in Daily needs campaign so that the list of groceries goes directly to the grocery store for delivery.
  • Similarly, one can map the Chemist shop in the Medicine campaign so that the list of medicines goes directly to him for delivery.

ANSwer App will help RWA’s and Volunteers to:

  • Monitor Health of these elderly and those in need on Daily basis.
  • Help them with Daily needs – Groceries, milk, vegetables etc…
  • Help them with their Medicines requirement.
  • The application can also be used in case of emergency. IN case of emergency the resident just needs to tap on emergency and a message and notification will be sent to the Volunteer/RWA officials.

In today’s time when COVID – 19 has disrupted the lives of people world over. It has thrown new challenges with every passing day. From sanitization to masks, lock downs to containments, every possible step has been taken to contain its impact.

Multiple challenges have arisen:

  • Identification
  • Monitoring
  • Quarantineviolations
  • Worker Exodus
  • Temporary Shelters/camps and their management
  • Food for

ANSwer App Community – Helps you take care of Elderly and those in need in your society, Mohalla or street

Three Simple steps:

  • Register – your RWA/Society/ Mohalla
  • Log-in
  • Add Residents and Volunteers
  • Install the application

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