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Panasonic cooling Summit

Panasonic cooling summit activity was designed to engage the dealers who would attend the summit. A quiz based activity was undertaken during the product launches. The activity consisted of a quiz that was sent to the every participant. The activity link was sent to the participants mobile number. He could tap on the link and take the quiz. 3 winners for each quiz were announced through a lucky draw done through the application only.

For the activity a quiz was created using ANSwer APP and all the dealers were mapped so as to send the personalized links. QR codes and short URL’s were used at registration counter to help dealers get the link.

As all personal details of the participants were available, personalised links were created so that they do not have to fill their personal information. All the answers given by them were automatically plotted against their names.

As the user tapped the link, the quiz started with questions with options appearing on his device. As the participants took the quiz, all data like how many people have taken the quiz, how many are taking it and other stats were displayed on the big screens, real time.

Once the quiz finished, the application displayed the winners on screen with all their personal details like name, dealership, city etc…


  • Quiz was created using ANSwer App
  • All participants were mapped before start of the quiz.
  • Link was delivered to the participants device once he has checked in the event to ensure that the person who could not make it to the event gets a quiz link to play.
  • Once the participants started taking the quiz, Real time analytics like how many people are playing at the moment, how many have answered how many questions, question wise how many people have answered that particular question right and how many wrong, How many people have finished the quiz etc…
  • Once the quiz finished, the chief guest taps to declare the winners. The winners were declared through the application itself.
  • Names of winners, their dealership name, city, their score etc… were projected on the big screens.

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