Market Research

Research is important to identifying market trends and information in a timely manner. Newer technologies have made it easier to conduct research using mobile and web based applications. Though, paper-based data collection methods are still in use and are extensively being adopted by many market research companies for conducting research. Paper based research is an expensive method whereas use of mobile or web based devices saves time and money and improves the accuracy of results.

ANSwer App – Market Research

ANSwer App is a platform that provides all necessary tools to undertake your market research projects. Create your own campaign in three simple steps and share it with your target audience through a PIN or a link.

ANSwer App campaigns are PIN base Campaigns meaning that if the user has the app then he just needs the PIN to respond otherwise he can give his response through the link that he receives through a message or notification.

All responses captured can be viewed in the your dashboard. ANSwer App campaigns allow you to take Text, Audio, Image or video feedback as well.

ANSwer App has two types of campaigns:

  • Private
  • Public

Private campaigns are the those where the user requires a PIN or a link to give his response. Where as Public campaigns are those which are created for the public to give responses without a PIN or LINk. One just needs to download the app and see all the public links that are available within the app.

ANSwer app some great features that sets it apart from other app in the segment